Pass Plus Course

So you’ve passed your Driving Test and you’re ready to drive on your own. A Pass Plus course could be just what you need, to increase your confidence and make you a safer driver.

Pass Plus gives you a further 6 hours training with Barry, this includes driving in busy town centres, parking in congested areas, multi-storey car parks, country roads, driving at night, and driving on motorways. There is no test or exam, just the 6 hours training with your Instructor! After successful completion you will receive a certificate from the DVSA Pass Plus unit.

The good news is that Pass Plus is backed by many insurance companies, who will often give a sizeable discount from your first year’s premium.

You can always have just motorway tuition just ask your Driving Instructor and they will look in their diary to arrange a suitable time and day. For the full 6 hour course, the cost is £130 and there is no test at the end.

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